The Skowronek Bankers in the XIX Century

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Pablo Edronkin

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A compendium of short family stories from the banking family of Warsaw that took place during the XIX century.

"The legends of a nation reveal its character to us more clearly than its acts and accidents." - Jacob Klatzkin[250].

These are based on old familiar stories as well as historical documents.

In the Business of Armies - The Napoleonic war meant disaster for millions of people in Europe, but also an opportunity for those ready to make good business.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Us - Conspiracy theories are laughable per se, but when they pertain your own family, they are proportionally more amazing.

Captain Frederick Melchior Raphael, Fallen at Spion Kop - Frederick Melchior Raphael was the son of George Charles Raphael and Charlotte Hanne Melchior, and grandson of Lewis Raphael and Rachel Mocatta; he was born in a family of bankers and financiers but chose to have a military career. That ended with his life when he was only thirty years old, during the Boer war.

Our Conspiracy? Are You Sure or Just Being a Moron? - Has anyone ever proved that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an authentic document using research-standard, scientific method techniques? Certainly not, and on the contrary, there is enough evidence to condemn that publication as a fake, a forgery much like the man of Piltdown, the Hitler Diaries and other esoteric, pseudo-scientific stuff; however, that pamphlet has altered the lives of millions and influenced the business of our family.

Albert Ballin - Albert Ballin (1857-1918) was a Jewish German businessman who became director of the HAPAG company and invented the concept of the cruise ship.

Józef Skowronek - Józef Skowronek (1884 - 1940) was a very successful banker killed by the soviet NKVD as part of the Katyn - Lvov mass murders.

Salek Schoenberg - Salek Schoenberg (1890-1942) was a public accountant; he was the broher-in-law of my great grand uncle, and a great grand uncle of mine as well, since he was the brother of Ewa Schoenberg, who was a niece of Dinah Schoenberg, my second great grandmother; Salek worked at one of the banks that the family owned in Warsaw, and was murdered by the Nazis.

Hersz Josek Blat - Hersz Josek Blat (1870-1942) lived in Nowy Dwór Maz. and Warsaw, Poland; the Blat family had an industry that provided equipment to the Polish Armed Forces, and he was also my great grandfather.

Hena Skowronek - Hena Skowronek was the daughter of a banker and she had her own fortune; her husband Hersz Josek was an arms dealer and military industrialist that due to the retreat of the Russians and the German invasion, was left out of business until 1918; during WWI, in Warsaw, she only had to sell one ear ring in order to sustain her whole family and servants during the whole conflict.

Natan Blat - Natan Blat (1892-1965) was the oldest brother of my grandmother; after he was arrested by the NKVD, he survived the Soviet gulag and life in the Soviet Union until 1945, when he finally could return to Poland.

Khaim Gedaliahu Blat - Khaim (1894-1942) was the second son of Hersz Josek and Hena, and brother of my grandmother; he was last seen alive in Slonim, Poland, in 1940, and presumably was killed in 1942.

Aaron Schoenberg - Aaron Schoenberg, the son of Shimon Schoenberg and Frederika Elsass was a Christian-Jewish banker also known as August Belmont; his work in the United States of America was fundamental for the interests of the Rothschild banking family there.

Royal II; tempera, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.
Royal II; tempera, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.

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