The Skowronek Bankers in the XXI Century

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Pablo Edronkin

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A compendium of short family stories from the Jewish family of Warsaw that took place during the XXI century, based on descriptions of its surviving members.

"A miracle cannot prove that which is impossible; it is useful only as a confirmation of what is possible." - Maimonides[250].

Stories told by the members of the Skowronek family alive during the XXI century.

And Sea Monsters Exist, After All - Ancient maps and naval charts depict monsters like giant fish and squids eating whole ships; those images have been long considered purse superstition, but the discovery of actual giant squids in recent years prove that beyond tales there are frequently some basis of truth so, there might be a lesson here: Not because something sounds far-fetched it is necessarily false.

The Stone Labyrinth - Installation art is a form of expression by which an art piece becomes part or integrates into the environment so that both coexist for a time as one entity; that lapse of time can be minimal - sometimes just seconds - or permanent. Take for example, Athen's Acropolis or the Eiffel tower; those are nice, but I have my own labyrinth.

I Look Like... - One thing that I find really funny is when people try to find whom do I look like; the answer is simply that I look like people in my family, but then they ask, to exactly whom?

Taming the Blanco - Photos taken during the making of the documentary "Taming The Motoco" based on an expedition to the Motoco Valley, 2004, in which the main objective was to reach the source of the White River or Motoco, and if possible climb the mountain known as Roca del Tiempo.

The 4th Gea Exploration Expedition to Cerro Plataforma - These photos depict the preparations for the expedition in Buenos Aires, the trip to the Patagonian Andes by land, the approach to Mount Plataforma after crossing of Lake puelo, our camp in a cabin, the ascent to Mount Platform and its exploration, the documentation of various types of fossils found (penguins, shells, brachiopods, plants and vegetables, fossilized logs, whales, crabs, sea urchins, pinnae, pectinidae, a whole fossilized beach, sharks and Turritella, etc.) and the way back to the capital of Argentina.

Survival tales: misterious lights in the Andes - During January 2001 I was in charge of a group of explorers travelling to Las Brisas Lake, in the Chubut Andes, in Argentina, where we had built a cabin a couple of years before. This trek of four days thorough uncharted terrain led us on our third afternoon to a place called Camp David, where one of the members of the group reported hearing a scream of some sort.

Towards Interstellar Exploration - Exploring has been one of our defining characteristics as species, and being outer space infinitely more vast than Earth it is a matter of time since we will begin travelling to the stars; to do that it is necessary to develop means to travel faster than light, something that seems closer to reality since Miguel Alcubierre demonstrated the theoretical feasibility of that.

The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family - This system was designed specifically for explorers who need a multipurpose weapon sporting the quality and ruggedness of a military-grade weapon, but with a higher degree of versatility as compared to combat armament.

Going to the Motoco valley.
Going to the Motoco valley.

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