Skowronek Genealogy

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Pablo Edronkin

The Skowronek Bankers

Skowronek Genealogy

The Skowronek Bankers in the XIV Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XV Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XVI Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XVII Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XVIII Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XIX Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XX Century

The Skowronek Bankers in the XXI Century

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The Skowronek Bankers - Sources and references

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How the Skowronek family from Warsaw came into existence; the history of the name and its associated families.

"It is a wise man that admits the truth." - Avot 5:7[250].

Large families have large stories; despite the destruction that Poland suffered during many wars, here are some of them:

The Skowronek Bankers' Family Tree - The common family tree of the Skowronek Bankers and other associated families such as Schoenberg, Eger et al on is a large one, comprising thousands of individuals; here you will find access to it and a few things to consider when trying to interpret it.

Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony - Yad Vashem pages of testimony have been fundamental for finding the fate of members of the family during WWII; here is a brief description of them.

Overview of Selected Names - An overview of selected family and personal names that belong or are related to the Skowronek banking family.

Overview of the Davidic Tradition - Since the Skowronek banking family is related to rabbinical families and to the European royalty, there is indeed a Davidic tradition to it that survived for many centuries; this can be taken as literal by some, and as tale by others - including myself until more proof comes by if ever, although I do not deny the possibility -, but here are some comments about what is real beyond doubt about the tradition, and that is, that it exists and has a weight by itself and a life of its own.

Overview of Cities and Towns Where the Family Lived - Some comments on the towns where members of the Skowronek family lived and how they got there.

Outcasting Those Unsuitably Married - Outcasting means rejecting, leaving away, banning; in the context of dynastic families it means that a former position of a given person and its associated rights are taken away for some reason which generally is related to undesirable marriages, from the point of view of the family.

Sephardim and Aszkhenazim in a Nutshell - What are the Sephardic and the Aszkhenazi Jews? What are the Levim and Kohanim? What does HaLevi or HaCohen stand for? Since there is a little bit of confusion about these topics, here is a very brief explanation.

The Nidaros cathedral and some houses in Trondheim; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.
The Nidaros cathedral and some houses in Trondheim; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.
We even have direct ancestors from there.

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