A Labyrinth That Also Works As A Survival Shelter

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Pablo Edronkin

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The stone labyrinth of the Blanco Valley is not just artwork but a fully functional, huge survival shelter.

The existence of the stone maze that we have been building right in the unexplored Blanco valley and has so far remained unreported by anyone else except us is precisely proof enough of the status of that region and our rights as the first explorers of the valley. We have not don this in order to claim land or anything like that but indeed, this fact serves us well in addition to other benefits that we get from the labyrinth:

- It is a terrific excuse to do some exrercising because carrying stones from one place to the other, placing them in rows over the pircas, levelling the ground and doing all kinds of "primitive" architectural work constitute a very rewarding and healty activity.

Due to its shape and architecture, the labyrinth can be used as a survival shelter and logisitc reference point for a lot of people or in order to stash vast amounts of gear and provisions.

A camp between the pircas of the maze, where there is enough space to lie down; note the stone walls.
A camp between the pircas of the maze, where there is enough space to lie down; note the stone walls.

This last aspect is what interest us right now because within its long alleys separated by stone pircas of about 1 m in height, lots of things can be stored and covered with no difficulty; the stone walls protect those items or people from the effects of wind, rain and snow completely. The structure can be partially covered with a lot of ease and inexpensively, and thus, any part of the maze can be used as a temporary home or depot.

And while this wasn´t the main purpose of the labyrinth when we first thought about it, it has become a very useful structure; this pleases us a lot because it reflets the way in which we think about success as an idea: In order to attain it you have to put in motion several things at once and turn the whole thig into a virtuous circle or system in which each part benefits from the feedback of the other components, and so, with each stroke of progress in one area the whole construction advances for good.

Instead, if you pretend to progress just by taking from others, by using resources without replenishing them or producing something else that becomes productive and useful for those that you take the resources from, things will inevitably go down and for the worse, like in Argentina, were we are located: Here everyone scrambles to get personal benefits without regard for the rest; eve workers on strike do so in a way that causes a lot of harm to thousands of innocents.

And so, even if things are managed in the best possible way that quality may only be enough to keep them afloat, but sooner or later, as managers make mistakes or are replaced by less competent colleagues, qualiti sinks a little bit deeper in every department, and after a while the results become evident.

Ironically, our maze is clearer that the labyrinth of life here.

Among the walls of the Blanco stone maze you can cam or improvise various kinds of shelters.
Among the walls of the Blanco stone maze you can cam or improvise various kinds of shelters.

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