The Stone Labyrinth Of The Blanco

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Pablo Edronkin

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Since quite a while now, a vast labyrinth made of stone exists in the Blanco Valley, constructed by its true first explorers.

A few monts ago I was reading something about the surviving examples of a fabulous aircraft from WWII, the F4U Corsair. Many different military forces from across the world used it even after the war, and both the Argentine and French navies were the ones that used its most advanced and sophisticaded version right into the fifties. The planes is highly regarded among collectors and prices soar into the millions for each flyable Corsair.

David Miranda carrying one of the first stones placed as the construction of the Blanco Labyrinth began.
David Miranda carrying one of the first stones placed as the construction of the Blanco Labyrinth began.

As one of its last institutional uses, in Argentina there are several of them in fairly good condition and millionaires from the U.S. tried several times to purchase these F4-U-Es that otherwise are unavailable even in the United States. I don´t remember if it was in Wikipedia or in some Corsair fan website I foun a mention to one that has been fuully restored and even flew at the Oshkosh air show… It stated that it was found in Argentina "In a pole, in a park"; I am myself a pilot and know the scene, and I also positiveli know that each time someone with money from abroad comes into Argentina and buys some rusting carcass to retore it, people start screaming and crying about the robbery of national heritage, sovereignity, etc, etc.

I believe this statement describes exceedingly well what happens where I live: There are nice things to find, but no one seems to care about them until someone else comes and actually does something… then, the envious and incompetent cry out.

Labyrinth constructors working on one of its first pircas.
Labyrinth constructors working on one of its first pircas.

That is exactly what happened to my in realtion to a documentary that the research group to which I belong and direct helped to create: "Taming The Blanco" was filmed on location at a very secluded, uncharted and inexplored valley in Patagonia. We have lots of documentation to prove that (see the links on this page), but after it came out, the same kind of morons that usually do the sovereignity-national-heritage-stolen chat began doing the only thing that they know: whining and diffamating.

Needless to say, if you say that someone does some fake you have to prove that and os far, no one has ever put forward anything resemblig proof of that, and as we say elsewhere, you only have to look at any map of th regio or even Google Earth to confirm what we state: No one is there, except us. However, in order to further our point of view about the "moronity" of those doing the talk, we have decided to uncover a secret that we have been keeping for a while now: We have been building a fairly big stone labyrinth or maze inside the Blanco Valley. The fact that no one ever spoke about this before, considering that "Patagoniafake" (the user ID of one of our detractors) has even said that the valley is populated by settlers rpoves the contrary: Nobody would miss such a large structure erected in his own yard... So their silence proves us right, again.

Our work progressed rapidly as we added additional pircas.
Our work progressed rapidly as we added additional pircas.

Look at how many different stone labyrinths you will find in Google for example; nobody can say that they are so common that a new one would pass inadvertendly in this world, and nobody would tolerate, certainly, that a group of people comes and starts to buid something like that in your own private land if someone owned it, or if someone was there. And oh! Our pictures were not taken at Doinyo Lengai, Kolombanagara o Godthab; you just have to observe the vegetation, and if you know something about plants you will see that this is Patagonia, 100%; and it is not just any part of Patagonia... We can prove that the thing lies within the Blanco... by taking you there if you want.

Then consider this: There has been no report of any stone labyrinth found in the Blanco Valley prior to 2007... that is, up to the moment of publication of this very article. Again, it would be hard to miss a full-scale stone labyrinth, provingo once more that nobody was there these years, or is there now. Maybe some people walk around the valley, or they stay in the only section that has a trail in it, but you can rest assured that no one except us goes where things like this labyrinth is.

Thorough this page and the links contained herein you will find more information about the stone labyrinth of the Blanco. We have been on this project for almost ten years now; we decided to build it one day that we had no special or pressing appointments up there in the Andes, and ever since then, the thing continues to grow. Make your own conclusions.

Some pircas already finished while others are still in construction; parts of the labyrinth.
Some pircas already finished while others are still in construction; parts of the labyrinth.

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