Writing Our Own Tales To Insure Our Future

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Pablo Edronkin

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There are some individuals who have a special talent for manipulating words and putting them into paper. Writing is not really difficult and for the most part, it is just a question of daring to overcome one's own fears of rejection or ridicule. Then, as practice makes perfect, writing will also improve.

And for those of us dedicated to exploration or based on a philosophy related to seeking the unknown in any way, risking something in order to attain even bigger prizes, or just standing as different among the average crowd, writing becomes much more important because there is no way to construct any ideal other than putting new layers of ideas over the bricks of memories. We all have enough imagination to do many things, and ideas do accumulate on top of yet other ideas that we had in the past, good or bad. Thinking is a continuity of acceptance or rejection of past ideas, but never oblivion, and this is why explorers of all sorts must keep personal diaries. This, taken to a social scale, means the difference between successful nations and those that never develop or fall into decadence.

Take for example the case of the Phoenicians and compare their case with that of the Romans: until the end of the third Punic war and the final destruction of Carthage, the Punics - the Phoenicians of the last generation of their culture - had managed to expand as much as the Romans of the same era and in fact, they were a far more established culture than Rome. The Phoenicians had a historical head start of almost a thousand years over the Romans, they had managed by then to sail around Africa, to establish faraway colonies in Mogador, Morocco, and Cadiz, in Spain, they had reached what are now England and Ireland, the Azores and the Canary Islands. They also had developed for the first time international commerce and we can indeed consider them to be the creators of the first global economy, and indeed, they had a formidable military might.

However, Phoenicians never cared much about other aspects in life such as arts, philosophy, spirituality, political institutions and so on, so they never developed - socially speaking - pass the stage of the city state that by the time the Romans began to expand, was becoming obsolete. So the Greeks and particularly the Romans, nations that were both enemies of the Phoenicians, slowly overcame them and sent the ancient merchants almost into complete oblivion. So we must stress that while writing and developing cultural entities might be considered a hobby for many, it is really one of the most important things that any society can do among peoples sustaining any sort of ideal and those willing to learn from their past in order to improve their future.Writing is, in fact, a survival tool for entire nations.

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