P. Edronkin

Gun Ownership Is A Natural Right

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Stating that people should not have guns goes against human nature and turns those who accept that principle into cattle.

One of the greatest phases in the evolution of humankind was the development of tools; after our ancestors evolved into sentient beings capable of making their own tools then human dominance of the planet became just a matter of time. A long time indeed, but nevertheless, a self-constructed prophecy.

In the beginning, those tools were also weapons, undistinguishable, multipurpose, practical and also deadly. They were used to hunt and to fight. In other words, our modern screwdrivers are cousins of machine guns.

Over time societies appeared, political control also evolved and so did laws; and governments of all sorts along history tried to implement different ways to dominate the masses. One of those ways has been to limit as much as possible the access of common people to weapons.

Gun prohibition or restriction may seem attractive to some, but in fact, history proves that this control technique has always been far removed from peaceful societies. Those who limited gun ownership thorough history include the Japanese shoguns and emperors that entertained themselves with centuries of civil war, Stalin and his Soviet pals, and all sorts of little fascist midgets ruling over third world countries.

On the other hand, countries like Switzerland and Israel stimulate the legal ownership of even heavy, military grade weaponry by civilians, even when the logic and social dynamics within and around those countries seem to tell us other wise.

There have been some unfortunate events when people out of the realm of normality have taken guns to kill randomly, and that should tell us many things, including the fact that society should take care of its crazed individuals before they have access to guns, cars or anything capable of causing damage. Whether insane people get hold of guns or gallons of fuel to burn down a building is just a matter of technique, and even if all sorts of firearms, bows, arrows, spears and kitchen knifes were banned, murderous men and women will still find ways to commit their private atrocities.

So it is clear that while guns give such individuals some special ability to hurt, they are in no way the reason for what they do and pretending to use such situations as an excuse to ban gun ownership is not only nonsensical, but dangerous. Remember: History tells us what kind of rulers did enact and enforce gun bans, and they didn't do that out of sheer humanity but to control their subjects with iron fists.

It is true that while we live in a society we should surrender some of our natural rights for the common good, but the list of rights that we should be willing to surrender should not include the right to self defence, to survive and to remain free. Laws are nice, your local police might have nice uniforms, lawyers might state that they will help you, but none of those individuals, documents or institutions will save your life during a dire emergency. You shouldn't count on that, and pretending to surrender your right to do something to keep yourself alive is to become human cattle.

Remaining capable of owning a gun means that you keep the ultimate capability of deciding your fate; if a society - thorough its authorities - pretends to ban you from being able to have a sidearm, what will really be doing is to preclude yourself from keeping control of your destiny. That's anti natural, and as such it will always be destined to fail.

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