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Let's Not Forget About Our Survival Gear While Flying Around - Flying often shouldn't lead us to forget that we are flying.

In A Private Jet All The Way To Hawaii - Those fortunate enough to have done both things in their lives are relatively few; I am one of them and I assure you that they are worth the price!

Survival Gear In A Piper Cub - The placement of any kind of survival gear in a plane with tandem seats should be considered with more care than in those that have side-by-side seats.

Hawaii Sightseeing In A Helicopter - Hawaii has a very rugged, mountainous terrain that is spectacular too; for those visiting the islands, a helicopter ride could be the best way to get to see them quickly and without too much effort.

How To Use Wood To Care For An Aircraft - Within the context of bush flying and aircraft operations within the wilderness, it is of the case that expensive equipment becomes worthless and pointless.

Expedient Scaffolding For Bush Flying - What do scaffolds and aircraft have to do together? Well, whenever any sort of flying machine needs maintenance, they have a lot in common, but one thing is to do that inside a hangar, with a qualified mechanic and all the tools of the trade at hand, and quite another is to attempt such a feat in the middle of nowhere.

How To Care For An Airplane (I) - Aircraft should be repaired only by competent mechanics but they should be looked after by their owners and operators; plus, there are situations in which any sort of technician may not be available, so every pilot should know what to do for expedient field repairs.

Visual Differences Between Cubs - The Piper Cub is a classic airplane that has given birth to a prolific series of different models and imitations that look deceptively similar; however, by means of photos like those that we present here you may get acquainted with the different makes and models in existence today.

Meet The PA-18 Super Cub (I) - The PA-18 Super Cub is the bus plane par excellence and the model to beat for any manufacturer of STOL aircraft within the same category.

Meet The PA-11 Cub Special (I) - The PA-11 is not the most powerful Cub, neither the most advanced, but it is for many the epitome of all flying machines.

How Does An Airplane Fly? - This article has been thought for all those who want to know what goes on an airplane as it flies, how its instruments, systems and parts work and how do they keep the thing up in the air.

The Pilot (I) - The pilot is the most important component of an aircraft, so to speak; thus, in any description about the flight of an airplane what is a pilot is a question that must be answered before anything else.

Avionics And Systems - Through this page we will explain to you various different avionics and onboard systems that are common among aircraft of all types.

Instrument Panels - One of the best ways to see how the various systems that form part of an aircraft are integrated is by seeing how the information that they produce are usually presented by means of panels.

L-21 LV-ARH - Instrument Panel - Pictures and notes on the instrument panel of aircraft L-21 LV-ARH.

PA-11 LV-YMI - Instrument Panel - Pictures and notes on the instrument panel of aircraft PA-11 LV-YMI.

Survival In Lightning Struck Aircraft - In terms of survival training, techniques and knowledge, a hit by a thunder is something that you would definitely like to avoid, for it can be fatal; however, there are a few individuals who seem to be resilient to such violent things and in fact, they even seem to attract thunders, for they get struck up to a dozen times during their lives.

The Stress And Tiredness Of Pilots And Aviators - There is no excuse for not taking short vacations here and there thorough the year besides the traditional ones in summer and winter; among those who fly aircraft for a living, this should be the norm aside all existing regulations.

The Human Factors Of The Bestiary - The study of the incidence of human factors in accidentology, survival and aviation should not be limited to the environment defined by the crew or passengers; instead, it should encompass even very ignorant people capable of perpetrating accidents on their own despite their apparent lack of connection with the system.

Aeronautical manoeuvers And Procedures - Aeronautical procedures and manoeuvers can be classified in four basic groups: pre-flight, normal, emergency and post-flight; here we will comment a few of them.

How To Start A Reciprocating Aircraft Engine (I) - Starting an aeronautical conventional engine is a rather simple procedure if it has a starter; but if you have to resort to hand propping, you should take some precautions and follow a carefully rehearsed technique, and this is the recommended method.

Onboard Electrical System (I) - Aircraft frequently have an electrical system that provides energy for their instruments and other auxiliary devices.

The First Things To Be Done With An Airplane (I) - When I receive a plane to be flown, these are the two things that I do before anything else.

How To Perform A Visual Pre-Flight Check On An Airplane (I) - Before staring the engine of an airplane it is necessary that the pilot in command takes some time to visually check the vehicle in order to be sure that everything is in order.

How Do The Brakes Of An Airplane Work? (I) - Airplanes have various, often redundant braking systems that the pilot should know.

What Makes The Difference In The Air? (I) - All thorough history there have been seemingly good or bad airplanes, but what really makes the difference is the pilot.

Aviators And Observers - Whenever a small aircraft is used for reconnaisance and observation, no matter what the purpose may be, some precautions should be taken into account.

Flight Simulators - We could arguably say that flight simulators constitute today something of a specific aircraft category.

The First Time - All pilots fly on their own for the first time one time, and the first solo flight is always like having your first girlfriend, something that you will never forget and will carry a very special meaning for you the rest of your life.

Asado, Mate And Pastelitos - Sometimes it is necessary to have an excuse to fly, like going to eat asado, and have mate with pastelitos.

From Piper Cub To F16 - This is an analysis dealing with the ways in which learning to fly in something as simple as a Piper Cub may turn you into a better pilot at the helm of something as complex as an F16.

A Visual Chronicle Of A VFR Landing (I) - This is a description based on pictures of a landing under visual flight rules; the plane is the excellent Ercoupe LV-RJU owned by the company Delta Charlie S.R.L.

A Survival Knife For Vehicles - All sorts of problems and even survival situations could unfold while you are travelling inside a car, a boat or an aircraft; a good survival knife could become then your best companion, but it must be of adequate design.

The Biggest Problem Of Flight Instruction - Some people just love to teach: some become flight instructors after they earn their commercial pilot license and log five hundred hours, and remain as such for the rest of their lives: but for most career-minded pilots, getting certified as flight instructors is just a step on the ladder that leads to the cockpit of an airliner.

The Best Way To Avoid Trouble With Aircraft - Familiarity with aircraft shouldn't mean disrespect for them.

Visual Navigation Should Remain A Visual Business - Following the shortest route while performing any sort of navigation may sound tempting, it may even sound as plain common sense to other people, but you, as the navigator are the only person that should have the last word.

Human Factors - An aircraft is not an isolated entity within the environment; airplanes, helicopters and so never fly on their own but are managed by crews, are under the jurisdiction of regulations that work within vast systems in which many different organisms and people take part.

Lean, Green Flying Machines Closer To Reality With NASA Awards - Designs that may make airplanes greener and quieter for future generations are one step closer to reality with recent NASA contract awards.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Mesosphere - A brief explanation about the mesosphere and its importance.

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Exosphere - A brief explanation about the exosphere and its importance.

FIDAE 2004 - World Experts Re-Join in Conferences of FIDAE 2004 - Since in every opportunity FIDAE it will receive in its) facilities a series of relevant conferences for the aerospace world world.

FIDAE 2004 - Worried by the Environment - FIDAE 2004 adds as new challenge, political environmental that synchronize with the accomplishment of the event.

FIDAE 2004 - Leader in Latin America Par Excellence - One of the principal points that define FIDAE 2004, as the major aeronautical modal of Latin America, is his aptitude to modernize and to adapt to the changes that take place day after day in the commercial and military aviation of the whole orb.

UFOs Or Self Delusion? - Several governments have recognised the existence of unidentified flying objects but are we trying to see more than really is there?

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