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Nerkabtu is a space flight simulator; it was initially built around the Orbiter space simulator and the remains of an aircraft cockpit.

For those of us that can do so, flying is a privilege, but we are a species that live in just one planet, with one atmosphere, unchanging gravity and other conditions. What would be to fly in or around celestial bodies without atmosphere or with different gravity or other properties? Perhaps one day pilots will have to learn as the basics of their flight instruction how to fly in Mars, or how to land in one of the moons of Jupiter. For now, if you want to know, or at least infer how that would be, the only way is to build yourself a space flight simulator and to learn how to fly a spacecraft, at least in theory.

Then, flying aircraft is not always possible; bad weather, lack of time and other practical reasons such as budget or aircraft inspection requirements might preclude you from flying just at the right moment, so, having a simulator at hand might prove handy. And lastly, we have some sort of familiar history regarding the development of aerospace technology.

These are some of the reasons I had to start considering building one simulator for myself; I had designed and constructed sim cockpits before, so I knew that it was indeed a feasible project. Some years after that decision, I flew Nerkabtu for the first time.

Nerkabtu - How to Fly a Starship (PDF) -

Up to this moment I have already flown it around 1.000 hours, being the last time yesterday, as I made it land on Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn.

Flying Nerkabtu
Inside the cockpit of Nerkabtu during a flight[94.36].

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