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Pablo Edronkin

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Aerospace developments related to the history of the Skowronek family.

The BMW-003 Turbojet - The BMW-003, originally known as prototype 109-003 in Germany, was one of the first turbojets ever built and became the basis of several different engine designs that evolved from it, like the Soviet-made RD-20, the Japanese Ishikawajima Ne-20 and the SNECMA Atar 9.

LV-MLF - LV-MLF is a full-scale flight simulator built to reproduce as faithfully and inexpensively as possible the workings of conventional and turboprop multi-engine aircraft of medium size.

Nerkabtu - This paper describes the design for a flight course using the Nerkabtu spaceflight simulator; its goal is to outline the general principles of manned interstellar flight. It is based on a peer-reviewed assignment for the Coursera - John Hopkins Univ. Course "University Teaching 101".

Richthofen - The family of the Red Baron was married to some families of the Gesinde, and its relationships to our families of bankers existed thorough other blood and marriage links within the European aristocracy, with common ancestors as well.

Sue on air refueling
SUE 211, a Super Etendard of the Armada Argentina while refueling in 2011; its engine, the SNECMA ATAR 9 is a direct derivative
of the BMW-003 enginee developed during WWII among others by D.J Edronkin. Some members of the original
BMW turbojet staff continued working on the BMW-003 in France shortly after WWII, evolving it into the ATAR series,
while Prof. Dr. Edronkin and other designers migrated to Argentina. Picture by Martín Otero, Wikipedia[179].

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