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Despite that no one seems to pay much attention to doors and windows on a simulator, they are extremely important in order to create an adequate realistic flight experience.

Imagine yourself on one of your best IFR approaches despite a storm raging outside; you have superb visuals, an excellent sound system and the best panel. Everything is okay and then your wife comes, waves you through the windshields and says "You have a phone call"... Your illusions, literally, are shattered in an instant. No special effects, no CPU powerhouse, no video card will ever compete with reality unless reality is kept on the other side of the door. And doors and windows are needed indeed to provide an entrance, illumination and ventilation inside your home cockpit; this is a tricky thing because your spouse may feel hurt if you tell her / him to fly away whenever you are flying in your basement. So you need to develop some sort of diplomatic solution, and so we did during the development of the MLF sim:

We made a door to replace the original one that came on the starboard side of the cockpit. This is much like a Cessna 310 door, only that we had it made instead of using one coming from Cessna. This door is used like in the original plane to get in and out before and after each flight.

On the back of the cockpit we placed a solid bulkhead and placed a door there that has a small window in it, so that anyone that may want to look inside the cockpit can do so without disturbing the crew, and anyone entering the cockpit for whatever reason can do so like in a real airplane, without destroying the real cockpit effect that such a simulator conveys.

By the way, you should not receive any phone calls inside your cockpit much like you shouldn't speak on the phone as you fly an airplane. Not only it creates a very dangerous habit that you will carry to real aircraft operation, but phones tend to interfere with home cockpit components as well.

Imagine yourself doing this and suddely, the phone ringing...

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