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Building a home cockpit or a full size flight simulator is an endeavour of tens of thousands of dollars in addition to the many complex aspects that such a design usually brings to the design table; so we had to think and ponder quite a lot about what we would do when we decided to build the LV-MLF sim cockpit.

How are you going to make all instruments appear in front of the pilot's eyes? What kind of visual subsystems will you use? How are you going to emulate dozens of buttons, fuses, rotary keys, push buttons and gizmos that are found in any real-life cockpit. All these questions and more must be answered before you star building your home cockpit or simulator or else, you would end up wasting a lot of time and money. Our experience building the MLF simulator indicates that on the planning stage you should get a fairly well informed idea of what you want, but that you should keep your mind open because as you go on the construction, unpredictable things may happen, from finding new and cheaper or better products that will do some job, to unexpected structural modifications to your cockpit. In other words, you should know what you do and you should know hot to adapt.

Thorough this page and the links contained herein we will ponder each important thing that we came across while we were thinking about this project.

Turbulent skies over Nepal as LV-MLF makes a test flight.

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