Asado, Mate And Pastelitos

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Pablo Edronkin

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Sometimes it is necessary to have an excuse to fly, like going to eat asado, and have mate with pastelitos.

Not everything is just workload while you fly and not everyday is a day at work among airplanes. Sometimes it is just about finding an excuse to go up and around and perhaps visit places like Veinticinco de Mayo, about 300 km SW of Buenos Aires, where the people of the local flying club usually prepare excellent asados (sort of a BBQ, but better), prepare mate and pastelitos with membrillo jelly inside.

The author and Federico Alderisio ready to go.
The author and Federico Alderisio ready to go.

For those that don't fly this might seem a rather odd proposition because taking a plane to go to lunch is somewhat expensive, at least more than taking your average car for a downtown hop to a local restaurant, but in reality is one of the nicest things that you can do with your flying skills and your profession.

Lorenzo Huffmann landing for a meal.
Lorenzo Huffmann landing for a meal.

In the United States this is knows as going for the hundred-dollar hamburger, because that seems to be the price f the ride although it can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on various factors. But always the result is a good chat with friends and strangers that become friends, a nice meal and a pleasant day. So if you have good winds for your flight, what else could you ask for?

People going back to their planes as dusk comes.
People going back to their planes as dusk comes.

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