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Pablo Edronkin

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We could arguably say that flight simulators constitute today something of a specific aircraft category.

It is obvious that flight simulators never fly in an aerodynamical sense, but they are constructed to train aviators so that they become capable of surviving any sort of problem in the air. Modern flight training devices and simulators are in some cases as complex as the aircraft that they represent, and in several case they are even costlier or require longer development cycles. They demand analogous and equally specialised care and maintenance and they design and construction, while not among the most popular caeers in the aviation world is reserved for very special people, for they have to be indeed, pilots, plus computer scientists and programmers. So the qualifications to become a flight simulator designer can be considered true rocket science.

FTDs (Flight Training Devices) encompass trainers as well simulators, which are somewhat different, but aside that they have been used since the dawn of aviation: The Wright Brothers used rudimentary training devices in their flight school; during WWII, military aviators of all nations were using the LINK, the first proper simulator according to our present-day standards. It was a machine with which thousands developed a love - hate relationship, but a very useful contraption nevertheless. However, the development of computer technology meant a quantuum leap in simulation techniques because it simply allows for what in cinema we know as special effects. Today it is possible to learn to fly any sort of aircraft without even setting foot on them, by using some good FTD.

Thorough this page and all the lined ones we will explore the world of flight simultion as intended to prepare pilots for surviving emergencies and keeping safe their passengers, machines and cargo.

Inside a flight simulator.
Inside a flight simulator.

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