The Pilot (IV)

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Pablo Edronkin

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Once you get your health certificate you will be able to begin with the actual flight course. It will take at least forty flight hours plus some time of theoretical study until you will be presented for your flight test. As I said, there are many choices concerning instruction aircraft, but I recommend you that at this stage you go for a taildragger (an airplane with a small wheel at the tail instead of one at the front) with unsophisticated instruments.

Choosing a conventional-gear (a taildragger) aircraft with simple instruments is based on two criteria: It has been demonstrated that people usually become better pilots by learning to fly these as opposed to tricycle-geared aircraft (which are better at other tasks or missions), and unsophisticated instrumentation means lower operating costs because such aircraft simply are cheaper to operate and because at this level you will not need any sort of sophisticated instruments. Forget the autopilot or ILS system; while learning to fly you will have to count only on basic instrumentations and develop your ability to fly without such gadgets.

The course will realistically take you between six months and two years to complete, depending o weather, your economic stamina, your available time and other factors. During the whole instruction process you will learn to takeoff and land the plane, how to make various kinds of turns, how to make navigational corrections due to wind draft, how to stall and not to stall the aircraft, how to recover from various forms of stalls and how to solve different sorts of in-flight problems and emergencies.

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