The Pilot (II)

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Pablo Edronkin

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But we could classify pilots also according to the kind of aircraft that they fly into:

- Airplane pilot.

- Helicopter pilot.

- Balloon pilot.

- Blimp or zeppelin pilot.

- Sailplane pilot.

- Ultralight aircraft pilot.

- Experimental or test pilot.There are indeed other ways to classify pilots, such as:

- Pilot (just as that): This is the person that controls the flight of an aircraft.

- Aviator: This is the pilot that has some special skills (aerobatics, mountain flying, bush, taildragging or naval pilots).

And there are other more or less academic ways to do so; but it is now enough to say that in order to become a pilot you have to start from the beginning, which generally consists in getting your PPAL (Private Pilot, Aircraft License). ULM or sailplane license.

For various practical reasons, it is usually better to start with simple, easy to fly single-engine airplanes and thus, most people first receive their single-engine, private pilot licenses. The goal of this training is to teach and instil certain basic procedures and habits up to the point that they become reflexes. These procedures and manoeuvers are related to the basic flight operations in normal times as well as emergency and air survival situations.

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