In A Private Jet All The Way To Hawaii

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Pablo Edronkin

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Those fortunate enough to have done both things in their lives are relatively few; I am one of them and I assure you that they are worth the price!

Hawaii is truly a kind of paradise on Earth, and flying in a private or executive aircraft is a far superior experience to what passengers enjoy or suffer in the context of commercial, run-of-the-mill aviation, even if they pay the hefty ticket fees for seats in business or first class.

Buying and operating a private jet is something that only very, very few people can afford, but there are rentals available and it is also possible to travel in them whenever they carry at least some empty seats, and there are even companies that make such arrangements, so that regular folks can travel for about the same money that a business ticket costs, but with a degree of comfort that surpasses any commercial first class cabin (see here).

As I said, I also went to Hawaii and save landing in Maui, flying there is a superb experience. The island of Maui is an exception because is very windy and those who feel nervous about turbulence might not like it very much. Pilots think that landing at Lahaina is a challenge because the airport has been certified as the windiest in the United States.

So, if you are thinking about holidays in Hawaii, why not do it in style? You could, for example, go one way on a luxury cruise and the other way with one of these executive airplanes. If you are going to spend your money in such a high-end vacation, do it well, do it thoroughly and return with unforgettable memories.

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