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Let's Not Forget About Our Survival Gear While Flying Around

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Flying often shouldn't lead us to forget that we are flying.

Some pilots fly more than one every day: Cropdusters, instructors and others usually take off and land several times in a row, perhaps staying each time in the air for an hour or so, every single day. When you fly a big commercial aircraft you are mandated to follow certain protocols and checklists, and that contributes to flight safety indeed, and whether you feel bored to follow those lists or not, you have to. However, when you fly a little aircraft that you star perceiving almost as if it were your car, things might unfold differently.

"See you in an hour or so" is a frequent phrase among pilots that do this kind of flying; such pilots often jump into their cockpits with what they have on, the same clothes, perhaps a hat, and most of the times, not even a flight jacket. They go to do their work and come back for lunch.

Emergencies, however, could happen anytime, anywhere, and even in the case of precautionary landings, not to mention authentic emergency, forced landings, pilots and crewmembers could find themselves in true survival situations. So, taking off with only your clothes on with the mindset of someone who will drive around the town for a while is not precisely the best way to focus on the job ahead.

Not only we should not forget about those protocols and checklists that are mandatory for commercial transport pilots, but we should always keep in our minds the fact that survival situations within the aeronautical framework could develop in seconds. Our airplanes should always be equipped with survival gear, and we should always carry some sort of survival equipment tool.

If we have a flight jacket, why not use it as a base for our survival gear? After all, you don't need to put it on if it is warm, but if you have to spend the night on the shadow of a broken wing, it will help you feel a little bit better.

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