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Media Statement on US Asia climate 'pact'

By Greenpeace International

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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Responding to the recent announcement by the USA of a six nation 'pact' on climate change, Greenpeace Climate Campaigner Stephanie Tunmore said:

The pact, rather than saving the climate, is nothing more than a trade agreement in energy technologies between the countries in question. It is entirely voluntary and does not even mention greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The best option to cope with climate change is to increase energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that Mr Bush and Mr Howard are seeking to protect the interests of their domestic fossil fuel industries and to deflect criticism for their total failure to address climate change. Following such a strategy could wreak untold harm on the most vulnerable - many of whom are living in the very region from which this absurd pact was issued.

Up to 70-80% of global emissions must be reduced by industrialised countries by mid-century in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. Voluntary technology agreements, negotiated by the world's worst polluters, are not going to get us there.

152 countries have now ratified the Kyoto Protocol, which contains legally binding emissions cuts for industrialized countries for the period from 2008-2012 (the first commitment period) and negotiations for the second and subsequent commitment begin in earnest later this year in Montreal. This 'pact' looks like yet another attempt by the US and Australia to derail these negotiations and condemn future generations to a world ravaged by climate change.

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