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Several years ago I was injured in an on the job accident and had to collect disability, I noticed all of the hype about paid surveys while searching for a way to supplement my meager income online.

While searching for companies that would compensate me for my effort I decided to start with the search engines.

I used every conceivable phrase imaginable using the search engines (paid-to, paid-survey, paid opinions, paid survey database, free paid surveys, online surveys, free surveys etc.) to try to find a list of companies that would actually pay me well enough to help me pay the bills working online.

I didnít want to pay for a membership to a survey database, although, that certainly looked like a more expedient way of finding a large catalog of companies to register with, but I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things like that so I decided that I would do all of the research on my own and compile a database.

Within a couple of months I was making money but not nearly the amount that some of the database websites had promised.

I first signed up with GoZing, Greenfield Online, NFO Mysurvey, Synovate, light speed and SurveySpot et cetera. These companies paid exactly what they promised but you have to look at the process as just that, a process. I have found it to be a three tiered process.

First is the registration, when you fill in the signup form with as much personal data as is required, this helps the company to identify the surveys you may qualify for in the future.

Second, you must wait for an invitation which will usually arrive within a month after signup, the best exception is NFO Mysurvey, they send you a survey the next day.

This process is an important one; this is where you will be informed of the approximant length of the survey and most importantly the reward you will receive if you are able to complete it. If you choose to reply to the invitation it will most likely take you to a brief questionnaire that will confirm you meet the criteria set by the company to start the survey.

Third is simply filling in the survey, this might seem arduous to some but I myself enjoy it, maybe itís that I buy into the thought process that Iím not only making a little bit of extra cash but that Iím effecting the future marketplace. Either way, this is my favorite part of the process.

The real key to turning this into something more than a passing whim is to take it for what it is. Your average survey will pay you about $3 and take you about twelve minutes to complete, not bad if you think about it!

Hereís the secret, you have to find hundreds of quality companies and register with every one of them, and this gets your profile into enough databases to allow you to be selective when invitations arrive.

Just last week I finished a bulletin board discussion and received $100.00 in compensation for about an hour and a half of my time. While I canít divulge what company it was that paid me I can tell you itís an easily recognizable name in the industry. Another company paid me $40.00 for a twenty minute survey involving a subject that I am particularly qualified for and I have completed countless surveys for $10 to $15.This is not something the average person who gets involved in this should expect.

I take this very seriously and spend a great deal of time keeping me profiles updated to make sure these companies have all of my prudent information. So you see itís really all about information and sheer number of these companies who have you and your profile on file in their database, so when their clients needs require folks that meet your specific qualifications you get the opportunity to be rewarded.

Since I started this endeavor more than three years ago I have made close to $50,000, this is not something you should expect to achieve but if I did it participating in and completing online and telephone surveys, online and at site focus and discussion groups, product testing, taste testing, you name it, then you might be able to as well if you put the time in and believe me it takes a great deal of it if your as serious as I am.

I have taken everything that I learned during this time and started my own website. Not a paid survey database but a free one.

I update it everyday and have laid it out in an easy to understand way thatís also easy to navigate.

Please take a look:

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