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Navigation with Distance, Time, and Pace (IX)

By Robert Finlay of

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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ACCURATE MEASUREMENT of DISTANCE: There are times when you'll want a more accurate idea of the distance. Here's one method.

1. Using a pencil and a piece of paper. Make mark-1 at the START. Make mark-2 at the next curve.

2. Holding the pencil down on mark-2 rotate the paper to the next curve on the road. Make mark-3

3. Holding the pencil down on mark-3 rotate the paper to the next curve on the road. Make mark-4. Continue doing this at each curve in the road until you've measured the desired distance from START to FINISH.

4. Lay your piece of paper against the map's scale. Add up the total distance from mark-1 to your last mark. The result will be pretty accurate.

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