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Navigation with Distance, Time, and Pace (VII)

By Robert Finlay of

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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3. Hiking Up and Down a Steep Mountain: How long to get from WP 2 up to WP 4? It is only about 3 km. But this terrain is so steep; I would throw out the concept of distance divided by pace.

Ref. map A3, Willow Peak

I suggest using, on extremely steep terrain, the 1000' of gain per hour concept:

The elevation at WP 2 is about 6920'.

The elevation at WP 4 is about 9960'.

The difference is about 3000'.

Therefore, the time up will be about 3 hr.

NOTE: The time down steep terrain is usually two-thirds of the time up. So, the time down should be 2 hr.

Or if you're strong on hills; use the 1000' per 30 min concept: @ 1000' per 30 min the time up there will be about 1 hr 30 min and time down 60 min.

Or if you are stronger than that …RIGHT ON!

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