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Navigation with Distance, Time, and Pace (I)

By Robert Finlay of

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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Navigation is defined as keeping track of your position as you move away from a known point.

The only way to do that is to know distance you have traveled, time elapsed, and your estimated speed.

The compass is only one tool in accomplishing that. The most important tool of navigating is a good watch.

I present navigating in a series of fundamentals. When you see the symbol,; that is your clue you to an important fundamental of navigation that you need to know OR need to know how to do.

Introduction to Navigating:

Navigation is defined as keeping track of your position as you move away from a known point. And that's what we're going to learn to do.

The Most ImportantFundamental: Keep track of your position as you move.

Almost every mistake you will make when navigating is not keeping track of your position. Keep that in mind and you will quickly become a good navigator.

I define route finding as picking a safe, efficient route to where you want to go.

The goal of Map Compass Rose is to give you the skills you need to enjoy every outdoor adventure.

And to give you the fundamentals you need so that you can enjoy further practice and study.

Approach navigation as a hobby no different from your other outdoor pursuits of running, mountain biking, speed hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing.

Without thinking about it, every trip you make anywhere is a navigational exercise. But when you enter the wilderness the exercise becomes more exciting.

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