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All groups of people in any kind of environment need a formal and legal authority to be leaded. This statement can be easily evidenced when we see how in a group of people there is always a person that emerges to try to lead it. On the contrary, the same group could choose someone to be the leader. Some clear examples are the intermediate societies such as companies, universities, professional associations, churches and others. In these organizations it is management that is in charge of setting up authority according to internal statutes. We can see that in any state with its particular characteristics, laws, and territory very well delineated, the power is represented from the boss of national executive until the last man is responsible for the security and order. All of them have the character of authority and that character comes from the position they hold. When they leave the position, they lose authority.

There is also another kind of authority, which emerges directly from the individual's personality. In other words, it comes from his/her knowledge, character, abilities, and skills, whose ideas, opinions and decisions are respected and supported by the environment's group where he/she copes. So, we can say that a person has a moral authority, the most important for me, and another one related directly with the position that the person holds.

Moral authority is what our society, our organizations, and our country needs. As the time passes, we have experienced a big loss of values that have generated an incredible boom of immoralities, unfairness, lack of honesty, lack of credibility and truth about people at all organizational levels.

It is one of the fundamental responsibilities of leaders and managers in any organization to encourage the moral authority, to fight for the fairness and for the fair decisions that are taken into the organizations. We must remember that the leader's decisions have a social impact on people's behavior. The manager's attitude has a significant importance inside, as much as outside, of the company because it involves ethics consequences, which reflect his/her management as a boss and can affect the company positively or negatively.

Nowadays, many organizations are being leaded by people that are not the most capable. People have gotten important positions using external influences, being dishonest professionals without values or moral to lead others. When these kinds of people lead organizations there is no honesty, trust, and no body can hope for a good product or a good service. For these reasons, many people before going to a public or private office to do a diligence, they look for a friend that knows the boss of that office. This is make sure that his/her diligence will be done successfully even without to make extra payments.

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