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The Colombian Episcopate and "Dialogue" with Guerrillas: A Solution or a Move Backwards? (II).

By CubDest Servicio de Difusión.

Edited by Federico errero

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Dialogue is a conversation, generally among friends; and we cannot forget that it is different from an argument, a polemic or a controversy - that which is proper to those who have contrary or antagonistic positions.

In the case of Colombia, a frank "dialogue" would assume, among other fundamental requirements, the sincerity and good faith of the participants. We do not doubt that the members of the Colombian Episcopate possess it, they who propose that dialogue with so much determination.

But how can one assume that the Colombian guerrillas have sincerity and good faith, they who count in their sad record the cruel murder of the bishop of Arauca, His Excellency Emilio Jesús Jaramillo and, as strong evidence indicates, also of the archbishop of Cali, His Excellency Isaías Duarte Cancino, as well as the murders of various priests and numerous members of the faithful?

We present these respectful doubts and questions with a sincere spirit of collaboration, on behalf of the Christian prosperity of the beloved Colombian nation, our South American sister.

Postscript: Together with the murder of high-ranking prelates and of so many innocent persons, few facts show the cruelty of the drug guerrillas as does an event that occurred last Holy Week. The little boy Irwin Orlando Ropero, ten years old, was deceived by members of FARC who brought him a bicycle bomb, and sent him on it to a military squad at the entrance of the municipality of Fortul (province of Arauca), where they detonated it by remote control together with the boy itself.

"To use a boy so that he himself and many other persons die or become injured, is an abominable crime, is a crime that cries to heaven. They who perpetrated it, who organized that bicycle bomb and obliged and intimidated the boy to take it, have the sign of Caín, are cursed," Cardinal Rubiano exclaimed.

The members of FARC, not content with that crime, camouflaged themselves in the procession of Good Friday in the municipality of Dolores (province of Tolima), and killed three people - including a youth of 14 years of age - with the intent of murdering the mayor, Mercedes Ibarra.

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