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Lula, the UN and a Trip to Cuba (III).

By Armando F. Valladares.

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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I reiterate here the final considerations of my previously cited article:

"If President Lula wants to deny with facts, and not with words, that he has turned himself into the greatest international supporter of the Cuban Communist regime - with all the serious responsibilities that it implies before the Cuban people and the generous, cordial and intuitive Brazilian people, but, above all, before God - let him adopt categorical diplomatic measures to contribute to the liberation of hundreds and perhaps thousands of Cuban political prisoners. Let him do something effective to save the lives of the political prisoners Martha Beatriz Roque and Oscar Biscet, who agonize in the Cuban jails, responding thus to the public call that has just been made by the Cuban organization Cuban Unity, of Miami. Let him not cross his arms before the drama of the Cuban physicist Dr. López Linares, currently residing in Brazil, who fruitlessly wrote the Brazilian president requesting his intervention to be able to travel to Cuba to meet his little son Juan Paolo, four years of age. Let him not try to whitewash the Castroite crimes by alleging the external 'blockade' or the alleged 'advances in the social sphere,' as health and education, that in reality are two implacable instruments of ideological, mental, political and police control of the unfortunate Cubans. Let him, in short, contribute, without euphemisms, toward the urgent liberation of Cuba."

And today I add:

If the trip of President Lula would come to signify, unmistakably, the real and not merely the apparent collapse of the Communist state, with the yoke of the island prison falling completely, it would be such a political "miracle" that it would lead me to withdraw my criticisms of President Lula and to ask him publicly for forgiveness; to recognize that he was right when, during the pre-electoral period, on the television program of the "anchorman" Boris Casoy, he accused me of being a "picareta"; and to thank him for his decisive contribution to the liberation of Cuba.

Sept. 18, 2003: Diario Las Américas, Miami (FL)
By Armando F. Valladares

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