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Thanks for all the spam, and now let me sue you, big time

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Hi! My name is Pablo Edronkin and I am writing this article, dedicated to a few unwary online companies from which I have been receiving what could be considered as racist spam, and which I plan to sue in a big, really big time if a change of attitude and website programming does not take place. Read this message in its entirety before dismissing it or risk facing charges, losing money and a ponderable deterioration of your corporate image, I am serious.

And now that I have your attention, let me begin:

I have been receiving some spam that originates from a nazi-hatred action against me that uses newsletters and email advertising from companies that lack proper subscription validation procedures; one of these companies may be yours.

Today is February 16, 2005, so take notice, for if I don't begin to see changes, you may be certain that some lawyers may contact you on my behalf, and you will receive the seven plagues, stones from the sky, and a lot of bad publicity.

As of now, I still believe that responsible, ethical businesspeople from some brand-name companies will comply and would not like to have their corporations linked or stained to and by one-toothed Sieg Heil people. Everyone makes mistakes, but the time to correct this paticular one is now.

I don't have time to write back to those sites that because of their own mistakes allow anonymous people to subscribe personal email addreses pretending to be those persons, so asking for 'unsubscribe' messages is really a stupid pretense in this case.

You screw up with faulty design and coding, make me receive insults and waste time online trying to fix it? C'mon! No: as a businessman, I know that I have to take the most value from my working hours, so instead of wasting them, why not get a better deal?

You know, subscriptions should be validated before you actually start sending newsletters and such stuff, and I would not subscribe myself to dating services, informative newsletters and public databases using names or passwords such as 'judío' (means 'jewish' in Spanish, in a quite despective way), 'Pedo Ronkin' ('pedo' means 'fart'), 'Puto Ronkin', (puto is a very nasty way of saying 'Gay' in Spanish), and such stuff, so any company sending email newsletters to my adresses and which has no tangible evidence of my subscription should consider itself by this message informed of the situation.

As I just wrote, I don't have time to go around websites to unsubscribe myself when I have not subscribed my email address in the first place; it is partially your fault, so fix it yourselves and track down those responsible or face prosecution, and believe me, I will do that; this article may be written with some dose of humour, but it deffinitely not a joke.

I do have anti-spam filters to catch those messages in question, but they should not be sent unwarily in the first place, and that means that these companies - i.e probably yours too - must delete ASAP my email adresses from their databases in order to comply with the law, or risk facing charges against them for sending spam and collaborating in racist, antisemitic harassment, and you know what that means, especially for those of you in Europe, so take your time now and look if I have been 'subscribed' to any of your databases, journals, newsletters, etc. If you don't find proper validations, please delete my data immediately or you will get to know me in person, in front of a judge (I do travel around, no problem, and you know, I even if I don't do it right now, I still will have some years left to do it).

Indeed, this story originates in the fact that for some years now, I have been trying to destroy the mith of pretendend zionist - or jewish - conspiracies around the world by asking those who believe in them to provide sound, scientific proof of such deeds. I am against racism and antisemtism because my family had to suffer it during WWII, so if your company appears suddenly in a trial related to such sordid topics, your corporate image would suffer, wouldn't it? Do you think that taking this into consideration, as well as the fact that many, many people have been pestered by spam, you will have good chances in a court?

One of the main topics that I have been researching is that of the 'Andinia Plan', an alleged jewish conspiracy to conquer Patagonia.

As most people with common sense may imagine, there is no real ground to believe such thing but, a lot of fascists and neonazis do think that such a thing is actually taking place, especially those living in Argentina and Chile.

Well, as you may also imagine, after writing hundreds of pages about the topic, one is bound to receive some hate mail, isn't it? But the twist in this story is that some of these characters began pretending to harass me by means of subscribing my email address (see this page, please), a futile attempt except for the case that you can either help me stop these idiots or be considered accomplices of them, or something like that.

Yes: if subscriptions are properly and thoroughly validated, there is no risk of this happening, but if you are reading this because you or your company received an email from me in response to a newsletter, advertising or something like that that you sent originally to my email box, then it is because you are likely on my hit-back list. If you don't think so, please show the documentation that actually validates my email box and acceptation of your mails, look at the IP information, track down from where those subscriptions came, and then look back.

So don't B.S. me with corporate sweet words or odd, small-sized phrases at the bottom of your messages declaring that 'I expressed my consent or will' to receive your mails; don't pretend to take me for a fool, because I have not consented to anything simply because I never use the email box in question to receive any such messages or things. I expressed no consent whatsoever, be quite sure of that; I have a special email address to receive such commercial mails, but not the one in question.

Take out of your subscription databases my email address.

I am an EU citizen, and my company is registered in the USA, so don't trust distance to protect you from court procedures. Besides, even if for some miracle you save yourselves from that, I will still publish the corporate names and proof fo those emails being received. So someone, somewhere, sometime, will do strike you.

Up to the end of this month I will held the names of those companies up to now involved in this spam scheme confidential. After March 1, 2005, I will begin to disclose this information if the emission of those messages continues. I am continuously gathering evidence. From then on; I am sorry for you, but it would be entirely your problem.

I think that you made a mistake; really. You bew it up because of incompetent programming, but validation techniques are not new, you know. I don't want a fight right now, so I give you this chance. If you don't think this is serious or underestimate what I am saying, I will see you in court. It is your fault too, after all. Capito?

And oh! To any lawyer who wants a case which may produce a substantial success, to Gays or Jewish people who like me would feel offended by these deeeds, to Anti-Spam activists, politicians, and anyone who may believe that this may be worth it, please be my guests; write me a message and we will soon start working.

If civil-rights, jewish community (albeit, I am not a jew, really but trying to be kind to mankind seems to have made those idiot nazis believe that I am one), Gays (I am not gay either, but do respect them) consumer-protection lads or anyone else would like to do some justice, please, do it.

So get the message straight betwen your corporate ears: I am going to make a mess out of these nazis as well as those involved in this whole thing, and then start donating the money that I will take from everyone; pay programmers to change your subscription procedures and track the perpetrators to send them to court on your own, instead of paying more later.

I will really be more kind to those companies that make the effort to track this people and sue them (even providing them with advertising at my website with significant discounts, and I do receive visitors, quite a few of them), send them to jail or feed that lot to the sharks; if you would like to track down who made those subscriptions, let me tell you that they popped into existence after someone using bond007@hotmail.com suddenly felt that his convoluted aryan existence was offended by mine (I also let a message to his kind in Spanish), and after sending me two hate messages was denounced by me at Hotmail.com. Indeed, I have records of this.

This began around new years's eve, 2004 -2005; I was rather busy donating money to help the Tsunami victims then, and worrying about some people I am acquainted with that to my knowledge, might have been in the vicinity of the disaster area then, and guessed that these hooligans were feeling some sort of depression because of their miserable lives.

I also waited to gather some additional evidence and let those fools believe that their joke was actually working.

But now my hands are free to take away your job if you are responsible in any way for the negligent behaviour that is accessory to such criminal deeds, and considering that I have a website that has pretty good ratings online and is visited by quite a few web surfers (see the stats here, please), so think twice before dismissing this note. Why take chances?

Once more to leave things clear: I am goint to sue you, make you lose money, your job, and expose your company as a collaborator of neo-nazism by negligence, at least, and if you think that I am being uncorteous, I really don't care.

You can start with that, or just look around your logs to find out who subscribed my address afterwards. I am confident that you will known who did this and prosecute him/them, no matter whether I sue you or not.

Hey! You may even recover some of the money that I will take from you because those insults do affect my public and professional image.

So act quickly or risk losing this special offer! After this month ends, my stock of patience will run out and things may get harder. After that date I will ask no less than a substantial off-court settlement because widespread insults may be considering as affecting my professional and personal name integrity, and that will be more expensive than just deleting some data and tracking some idiots in order to send them to jail on your own.

Just in case you have any doubt about the seriousness of this issue, look here so that the notion gathers momentum.

I love to fly, and I need a new aeroplane; by the way, there is a flying club in Argentina that needs to repair a couple of planes as well, so you may show your good will to make me feel better and then make you feel better as well, you know...

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