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Recently I had a talk with Commander Major (R) Ruben Adolfo Cipuzak, of the Gendarmería Nacional Argentina (Border Patrol) and President of The Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club; this organisation provides very low cost private pilot courses, mainly for youngsters that lack the resources required to pursue such an undertaking at major flight schools.

The club is now in dire straits due to the economic situation in Argentina, and has recently requested the help of Repsol - YPF, a major Spanish - Argentine oil company; since I feel that this request may be understood as for anyone willing and able to help, I took the liberty to translate the letter in question.

It is worth noticing that donations entail no additional cost; moreover, since they are tax - deductible, donors will almost certainly find out that such is a better way to use money which otherwise would go to politicians and politics.

In other words: you will pay that money to the state anyway, but with no control over how it is used, and just a small change that really means nothing to your pocket could make a great difference for many people.

Companies belonging to the aeronautical industry should find more motivation to help, since institutional customers such as flying clubs are indeed those who end buyng aircraft, spares, instruments and other equipment, so by helping them during times of need, they may well be taking care of their customers; in reality what seems as a tedious request of yet-another-non-profit-group it is a win - win situation.

Even thinking selfishly, I think it would be wise to help: the more pilots are trained, the more future customers there will be!

So, here is the letter and I hope that someone, somewhere helps these people to continue helping others:




Dear Sir:

I hereby write this letter to you in order to request the assistance of Repsol - YPF to help our Club which was chartered on May 1, 1986 to promote accessible aeronautical education, mainly for young people with no means to pursue their aviation careers in traditional ways.

Ours is a non-profit organisation and fundamentally, a flight school where almost all the staff works without pay and voluntarily.

Since 1997, 65 students received their graduation as private pilots, a further 18 received instructor licenses and 47 pilots received recurrent training in order to increase their skills and experience.

Our statistics show that between November 200 and december 2001, we had 80 students and pilots flying between 120 and 160 hours each month with our three operational aircraft.

However, in these days our club is suffering a bad time becase two machines are out of service (one is undergoing a major revison - suspended due to a lack of funds), and another suffered an accident.

The third one is having serious trouble with its engine and if and when this machine would be left inoperative, the flight school would have to close its doors permanently.

The engines of the two other aircraft have been used to keep our last one working, but now we have no reserves left.

Thus, I decided to write you to request as a last resource the help of Repsol - YPF in order to repair the engine of our PIPER PA-11 LV-YMI.

This would allow us to return to our normal activities and slowly restore and repair our remaining aircraft.

According to DEPETRIS - ANTIH S.A., repairing and refurbishing our engine would cost about U$8000, covering spares and all mechanical work.

I am sending with this letter a picture of our aircraft as well.

Sincerely Yours,




N.E: If you are interested in helping or making tax-deductible donations, please contact the Club´s authorities directly or visit their website.

A vintage Piper PA-11.
A Piper PA-11 belonging to the Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club landing.

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