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I was just looking at the BBC news a while ago, and still the city of Fallujah seems to be defying the mightiest of all armies in the world; for weeks now, the United States and its forces are being ridiculed by fighters in rags and bare feet.

As I watched TV, snipers from the U.S. Marines were taking their shots at Iraquis inside the city; they might have been terrorists, guerrilla fighters or remnants of the old regime, as the U.S. officials try to call them after one year of occupation.

You know, most likely they are Iraquis on Iraqui soil just living, surviving or perhaps doing what common sense will call for in the case of most people who have a speck of patriotism: they probably feel that they are defending their land against a bunch of invaders.

50% of those in Fallujah are women, and as we know, females have little to say in any business in Muslim societies so we can count on the fact that statistically, at least 50% of those targets acquired by U.S. snipers are in fact innocent victims.

U.S. and coalition forces are invaders, and murderous in fact: according to their own words and stats, the U.S. Armed Forces wiped off this world more than 100,000 Iraqui soldiers during the first Gulf War. Just review some good history books.

Then came twelve years of a virtual siege on Iraq.

And then, yet another war and this invasion, while no weapons of mass destruction could be found to justify it; I remember a sketch made by some Iraqui toddler which was collected by U.S. military intelligence: it clearly showed an aircraft crashing into a building). It was shown in CNN a few days after the fall of Saddam, but I guess that such pictorial expression would not make it as proof in front of the U.N. Security Council.

How many WTCs did the United States caused on Iraquis during the past few months for weapons that do not exist? How many Iraquis died during during the īShock and Aweī bombfest of last year? Now you are being shocked and awed, but what would you expect from those lads?

I donīt know how can anyone make this butchery fit with the export of democracy, and donīt count on common Iraquis fearing or loathing the old regime to justify what happened and is happening there: most Russians despised Stalin, yet defended their country when little Adolf tried to īprotectī German borders by invading the Soviet Union. Sure: getting rid of the dictator in Moscow would have been great for many; nevertheless, Russians fought back the one man that wanted more than anyone else in the planet to get rid of the Soviets.

In other words: Iraquis seem to have dozens of motives other than their fear or love for Saddam to just aim at your people and shoot.

Start to solve this mess by aknowledging a simple fact: many - if not most - Iraquis seem to just loath and hate your country because of what they perceive that you did to them during the past years; then stop visiting them with tanks and armour because will not persuade them of their feelings as much as it would not persuade you of your own ideas.

Think that you get what you give and you should not ask for what you are not willing to give; thatīs the basis for tolerance, and tolerance is the basis for real democracy. If you bomb, someone, somewhere and sometime will bomb you back, and if you keep on steeping into some one elseīs turf, you are going to get hurt one day.

Then continue with some self-critique and introspective: the alleged causes for this invasion could not be proved so far; a third-world starving country like Iraq being able to strike at the U.S. or the U.K. in 45 minutes? Give me a break! You messed things up, believed some fancy īintelligenceī reports, lost most allies and friends in the process and are facing military and political defeat everyday.

Your armed forces may have enough firepower to exterminate Iraq, but you simply cannot do so; Iraqui fighters know that and are taking advantage of this fact.

They got smarter than in 1991, trained and now know that in order to survive and prevail in battle, they have to fight in different terms. Your armed forces are simply not prepared for unconventional warfare; the biggest arsenal and firepower in the world cannot help your soldiers there, and sooner or later they will have to pull back.

The only question is how many people will have to die before your leaders acknowledge that the Iraqui conflict is really lost, no matter how marketers try to package it for sale.

True, there may be thugs and killers out there but the kind of resistance war that we are witnessing is not proper of just gangsters, and no amounts of foreign fighters, maniacs and religious perverts can make up for the numbers and firepower needed to rout out the U.S. Armed Forces out of cities for weeks. You are facing the cruellest of all democratic processes: those where instead of polls, bullets do the job.

And now your government, after incompetently messing up things in Iraq up to an almost unvelievable point, is trying to pass the bill to the U.N., NATO and this increasingly unwilling īCoalition Of The Willing

Being outside the U.S. and not being a U.S. citizen, I can tell you that out in the world there is a lot of īwe told you soī feelings right now and scant interest in taking out money from our pockets to pay for a disastrous war effort for oil and carnage. No one really wants to help you this time because your government acted without consulting anyone, without hearing anything, and in frank contempt for those that had a different opinion.

I donīt want my money tax to be wasted on killing people just to make some companies profit from an imaginary reconstruction effort began by a government that wants to treat me in a humilliating way if and when I try to enter your country as a legal visitor, and this is a widespread feeling outside your borders; call it whatever you want but that will not prevent you from receiving cold receptions anywhere. If you want any sort of help, then look at the floor for once and say that you are sorry. Otherwise face the consequences alone.

I am not being ungrateful: I owe the U.S. nothing, as you owe me nothng. But being in Argentina and remembering that just two years ago your own government told us that we got what we deserved as our economy melted down and people got killed in our streets, I find very, very little incentive to extend a hand to an invading army that has killed scores of people to gather fantasy weapons.

In fact I find some sort of strange comfort thinking that your government is so busy now with this Iraqui mess that it will not come back down here soon to press our goverment with more ideas for privatisation, īfree marketsī and other assorted social engineering ideas, and when they will be finally free from these troubles, I hope that they will have weakened enough so as not to represent more problems for us down here, so give me just one reason to help Mr. Bush and his ideology.

See: there is a lot - a real lot - of people that hate your country, and trying to find comfort in the notion that they are envious of your living standard, your consumer markets and so is just simplistic: not everyone in the world cares for such things, and believe me: there are many places, especially in īOld Europeī where citizens live at least equally in material terms as you, not to mention other things, but they seem to dislike your governmentīs policies as much as those in Indonesian shanty towns.

I donīt hate you but in the view of many - and count me among them - the United States has transformed itself into a wannabe empire of sorts which is of second-rate only for the fact that its first real imperial invasion has gone sour and it is becoming increasingly evident that a new Vietnam syndrome is over the horizon.

What would you do if someone just decides to invade your own country? Would you defend it? Not surprisingly, some Iraquis feel that it is their duty to do so, just like any of your own patriots.

How about the fact that instead of saving souls and exporting democracy, the United States of America got the job of the Nazis this time? That seems to be what common Iraquis feel right now. Otherwise, they would be cheering after one year of occupation and instead they jump in joy only when they blow up some soldiers that would be better off anywhere else. It is pure savagery to hang charred corpses from bridges, but a true sincere feeling: they are happy when they see your people getting killed and that is sad, but the saddest truth is that your government started all this and provoked those deaths with the pretense of extending democracy.

You shouldnīt be there in the first place, and get that B.S. about getting-rid-of-Saddam lame excuse out of your mind as well: yours, the same government that engineered this fiasco is talking at this very moment with the same dictator in Lybia that had that Pan American 747 fall from the sky over Scotland, some years ago, while the only Muslim nation with nukes right now is Pakistan, not Iraq. So much for ethics.

In fact, Fallujah is beginning to look increasingly like Sarajevo just a decade ago: a city surrounded by an army taking aim at anything that moves inside it while the people inside are trying to survive and some, but in increasing numbers are planning how to return favours with those shooting them from the outside. Donīt expect anything but the desire to kill you from those who will survive the siege of Fallujah.

My advice for my friends in the United States is donīt delude yourself with nice voluntarism: others outside your country donīt appreciate liberty dressed up in camouflage clothing because thatīs called death instead; some may even try to fight back, and they can kill you as well.

My fear is that nobody will listen while those shooting back are getting better at it by the minute, and more people will be killed including your own and in numbers proportional to the skills of those whom you do not understand and donīt want to leave alone to go on their own lives.

But my biggest worry is that since we live in a kind of īQuid pro quoī reality, it is your children that will pay the price of revenge for what your government is doing.

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