FIDAE 2004 - Worried by the Environment

By Fuerza Aérea de Chile

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FIDAE 2004 adds as new challenge, political environmental that synchronize with the accomplishment of the event. This planning led by the Department SAE (Aerospace Security), is orientated to minimize the effects generated by the own activities of the sample, on the environment and the persons: public attendee, residents and participants in the event.

Inside the news ideas there is a program to control the acoustic and electromagnetic emission that can be produced during the development of the sample. To increase the safety of flight, zones and exclusive corridors it will be coordinated with Civil Aeronautics.

The minimal heights of flight will be established, takeoffs with minimums of noise, restrictions of power in the planes, select schedules of the air demonstrations among other measurements.

In case of the managing storage and final disposition of the generated residues genered in the fair, they will be make according to the legal norms.

FIDAE 2004, Chile.
FIDAE 2004, Chile.

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