P. Edronkin

Russia, The United States And The Kyoto Protocol

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The governments of Russia and the United States are today refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and by such actions, putting our world's environment at risk in the long term.

Their motives are mainly economical, and are related to the alleged or potential harm that the protocol's previsions may cause in their respective economies.

In other words, we can say that their argument can be reduced to pure greed, because there are no natural obstacles impeding the transformation of industries and economic activities into more efficient and less damaging ones, from an ecological perspective; their real reason is that they do not want to spend money in environmental issues because blasting the hell out of the people in Chechnya or Iraq seems a more useful and funny proposition.

Their reasoning seems like thinking that it would be better to save on a parachute while you begin dropping from flying aircraft as a daily routine, or not to carry a helmet while riding a fast motorcycle. The risk is implicit in the activity; if you don't want risks and expenses, you should dedicate yourself to less life-threatening activities.

Indeed, you can become suicidal; that would be regrettable, but it becomes a crime when you make other people part of your drama without their consent.

If you are thinking about killing yourself with a motorbike, you probably need some treatment, but if you are thinking about running on the streets and crushing some pedestrians on your way to death, that would make you a sociopath, a danger to everybody else.

This is why both Russia and the United States will be historically responsible for the fate of our environment.

However, what is good is that since they are so worried about their pockets, it would be relatively easy to press those countries into ratifying the protocol and showing some respect for mankind. The answer is very simple: don't buy things from those who don't care about the planet. Don't buy from Russia or the United States.

You have now the choice to help these countries enrich their economies, or enrich everybody else's lives.

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