P. Edronkin

Weather Forecasting Advice: Getting Acquainted With The Exosphere

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This layer of Earth's atmosphere is not relevant from a or weather-forecasting point of view; however, it is important to know it in order to understand the outer limits of the gas bubble of our planet.

The exosphere lies about 700 and 1.000 kilometres above the surface where we live; its main characteristic is that the chemical elements present there (Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Helium, etc.) are not attracted back to Earth and so, the atmosphere's outer layer is constantly diluting in space.

It is indeed an inhospitable atmosphere, not suitable for organic life and very exposed to strong space radiation, extreme temperatures and negligible pressures.

Its very low density - however - is very important for spaceships trying to get into the planet in order to land; despite this low density, the friction caused by the few molecules existing there is more than enough to destroy meteors and spacecraft alike.

This layer is very problematic for orbiting vessels, for the same reason; it tends to slow them down and alter their orbital trajectories in such a way over time that corrections have to be made, consuming very expensive combustibles, in order to keep them flying.

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