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The debate on the ethics of gambling is almost as old as the world: since the beginning of civilisation people have tried their luck for money using many different means and rules, and this led to the creation of an infinity of games and eventually gambling institutions such as casinos, bingos, etc.

Indeed, this led to the appearance of criminals, to the destruction of personal fortunes, state intervention and other problems and thus it became widely accepted that gambling can be bad whenever it reaches a certain but difficult to define level.

Compulsory gambling is a destroyer of lives, but the world has been living with such things for long: cigarettes, weapons, politics and prostitution are some words that tell a lot about human vices, crime and dark spots in our society.

However, these activities will continue despite our points of view, and while they have to be limited by law in order to control them, since they pose such an attractive source for money, they should be considered - at least - as potential income creators for non-government organisations such as foundations, charities, etc.

I don't mean to raise Church money thorough the use of prostitutes, the sell of narcotics or such stuff; however, to a certain extent in a controlled and legal way, some forms of gambling - for example - could be used for better purposes than filling the already-full pockets of entertainment corporations.

Considering that money will be spent in gambling, opposing this fact bears little sense; it would be much more practical and useful that non-profit groups, universities, charities and foundations could develop or participate in gambling activities as partners of casinos and such establishments, and thus improving their economy.

Let's face it: many people will not spend in books and education what they throw away with the dice. So instead of having that money really thrown away, let's use it to buy books for those who would appreciate it most and know nothing of business: the children.

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