P. Edronkin

Aeronautical Survival: In-Flight Entertainment Or The Hell Of Boredom

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Imagine that you are flying thorough on a small, single-engine aircraft in a place like Northern Scandinavia; it is cloudy, but weather advisories said nothing bad. Nevertheless, suddenly VMC turns IMC, and you can't fly IFR; you have to land and stay on the ground until meteorological conditions improve.

After you land your taildragger on a long-forgotten strip somewhere in Sweden or Finland, you find out that it is cold and you will have to wait there for a couple of hours. You thought that you could get from point A to point B using your cockpit heather and watch the nice Scandinavian autumn from the comfort of your seat while you reached a nice airport, then climb into a nice Volvo or Saab and reach a neat hotel with Scandinavian furniture and sauna.

But you suddenly find yourself in a cold place with nothing to do; you are thinking that a good flight jacket, a book, some cards or a portable chess could do marvels for you. You can't drink alcohol and then fly, you know, so the only 'entertainment' available there is out of the question.

This is a quite plausible scenario for anyone flying - or in fact travelling - thorough isolated regions; for pilots and flyers in general, there is a higher chance of not being prepared for such an environment since the comfort and speed of most general aviation aircraft makes us think that we will reach our destination with no trouble, and we assume that all alternative airports in our way will be the same as our point of departure or destination.

However, this is not always the case, and we don't need to get into an emergency to get really into glacial boredom on our landing spot. So, it would be a good idea to carry some sort of in-flight entertainment, such as luck or card games, table games, books, magazines and such stuff, along warm clothes.

The next time you go out to fly, even if it is not in places like Scandinavia, Patagonia or Kamchatka, think in advance and save yourself from the hell of boredom if you have to land in the middle of nowhere.

A very small mountain airport
Not much to do here...

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