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Many travellers choose to take with them some sort of entertainment; be it a book, a walkman, diskman, some good, old-fashioned table games, cards or luck games (and even portable mini-casinos), we all like to avoid boredom while we travel.

If you are travelling with your kids and they do get bored, then you are out of luck; soon you will suffer one from a seemingly infinite variety of headaches.

In fact, luck and card games have been used for centuries for entertainment and profit purposes; so we can confidently say that having fun and in some cases, making and losing money, is in our nature; kids and teenagers who canot stay quiet for long sitting on a tourist-class seat seem to have aknowledged this fact long ago.

Just consider that a flight between London and Buenos Aires takes about fourteen hours, and if you go on to Sydney, you may spend another sixteen hours on board.

The appearance of palmtop computers and new software, movie and sound file formats also made it possible to take along entertainment forms on a trip which were only a short time ago quite unimaginable.

The reduction in price that accompanies the evolution of any new technology makes it possible to purchase these small gadgets for entertainment purposes, and the variety of models and variants increases every day.

The availability of legal music download sites, for example, allows for really practical musical entertainment during adventure trips. If you have already tried, you should know that taking a walkman or diskman along to a trek in the mountains usually ends with severe damage to your player, disks or cassettes.

Palmpop computers, for instance, can provide you with those classic games such as Solitaire, Poker, Minesweeper, Sokoban and many others, including online connection to internet gambling sites (if you like to bet money, that is).

So the offer is now greater than ever, and if you are planning your next holidays but dread those long hours on planes, trains or other vehicles, buy a book, think about getting a new-tech MP3 player or palmtop computer, download some files and start having fun right from the beginning of your holidays.

And at any rate, if you don't like those gadgets and they don't like to read books too much, you can give your kids that new player or computer, and rest in peace for the next hours to come.

Before boarding an airliner
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