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Among fixed-wing aircraft, some of the most common ones, falling into this category and into the lowest price bracket, you can find:

1)- Piper Cub in its different versions, such as J-4, PA-11 y PA-18; these are two-seat tandem aircraft.

2)- Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, two seats, parallel.

2)- Aero Boero AB-150, two seats, tandem.

3)- Piper Cub PA-12, three seats, tandem.

4)- Aero Boero AB-115, three seats, tandem.

5)- Cessna C-150 / C-152, two seats, parallel.

6)- Cessna C-172, four seats, two rows.

7)- Cessna C-182, four seats, two rows.

Bell UH-1H.
A Bel UH-1H helicopter; this is one of the most
widely used models in the world. You can see them anywhere,
and in environments such as tropical rainforest and polar
regions, like in Marambio Island, in Antarctica
where some are used for transportation and rescue.
(This photo, courtesy of the Spanish Air Force Museum).

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