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Aircraft and Expeditions (IV).

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You should also consider the aircraft's engine characteristics and power. It is generally considered that the more engines the vehicle has, the safer it is. Aside from that arguable point, more engines means also more expenses, and for exploration and light-transport usage, single-engine piston or turboprop aircraft would suffice.

In the case of aerial imaging or photography, the interior seat configuration becomes an important element of analysis too. Tandem seats (one behind the other) usually mean more convenience for the photographer and for the pilot because there are less obstructions for both.

A parallel seat configuration is better for some uses, but does not allow for a degree of movement and flexibility as a tandem configuration. Nevertheless, parallel seats are great for VFR flight conditions under which the co-pilot must help the aircraft's pilot in order to navigate using reference points.

There are models with one, two, three, four and more seats; generally you will find up to four-seat models; we have used these in a number of occasions for aerial photography and general transportation.

Panavia Sky Truck.
An interesting Panavia model with good capabilities as a light cargo plane
and STOL characteristics that make it ideal for all kinds
of terrain. Nevertheless it was not built in large numbers.
(This photo, courtesy of the Spanish Air Force Museum).

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