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Aircraft and Expeditions (III).

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It is important to consider that while each aircraft possesses a maximum load weight, you will not be able to load with your cargo up to 100% of that limit both for safety concerns as well as for the fact that being the air less dense a couple of thousand feet above the ground, if you find yourself on high-ground the aircraft will just not respond as at sea level. Flying over mountainous terrain is a matter on its own.

Another thing that you should consider is the relative robustness of the aircraft in relation the kind of terrain that it will use to land and depart. Helicopters and to a lesser extent, autogyros, are less affected by this factor, but in the case of fixed-wing aircraft that require to actually move horizontally over the ground, this becomes a major consideration if you plan to operate off-runways.

It would be to no avail to rent an aircraft which would be unable to land wherever you want, and this has to do with the general structure of the vehicle and particularly with the landing gear. Military aircraft, as well as simple, unsophisticated vehicles are generally the best suited for rough terrain.

A small Dornier single-engine plane.
This small dornier aeroplane is ideal for observation thanks to
the grat visibility of its cockpit; it is also a very manoeuverable,
short takeoff (STOL) and inexpensive aircraft.
(This photo, courtesy of the Spanish Air Force Museum).

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