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Aircraft and Expeditions (II).

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As a rule of thumb, the more advanced, bigger, heavier and powerful the aircraft is, the more costly it will be. Older aircraft which are less sophisticated than newer ones tend to cost less, even in the case of different versions of the same basic model.

As an example, take the case of the Cessna C-152, which is evolved from the similar C-150, which is older by a couple of years; the flight hour in a C-150 is about 10% cheaper than in a C-152.

The complexity of an aircraft class is also a factor: helicopters cost per hour much more than fixed-wing aircraft because mechanically, the former are more complicated than the latter, and autogyros, being also rotary-wing aircraft, cost less than helicopters because they don't have parts and systems as complicated as in the latter as well.

But before renting an aircraft you have to consider a few thins, being the first one its capacity. You should only hire the aircraft / pilot(s) adequate for the job that you have in mind, and so you have to be sure about the load capacity of the vehicle, its range and other factors.

The world at 33.000 feet.
Flying at great heights (+9.000 feet) are not good to
perform detailed observations of the terrain due to the lack
of visibility, but allow great panoramic views.

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