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Aircraft and Expeditions (I).

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Among the community of outdoor sportsters and adventurers not many know that is is perfectly factible to use aircraft for transportation, logistical support, observation, rescue, etc. and that does not have excessive costs.

According to the terrain that you are visiting or plan to explore, your budget and availability of different aircraft in any given area, you may use helicopters, autogyros, fixed-wing aircraft and even airships, balloons, etc.

Rentals are possible in the case of any kind of air transport; in fact, most pilots do not fly their own aircraf. The cost of such rentals is measured by flying hours, and so, whenever you are told that a given vehicle costs U$50 per flight hour, that means that for each hour that you fly using that particular aircraft you will have to pay the sum just mentioned.

There are many a ircraft rental companies around, and you can also obtain a plane or helicopter either privately, by dealing directly with the owner(s) or thorough an air club.

Boeing Stratocruiser.
Bubble or transparently-tiled cockpits provide great
visibility, like in the case of this old Stratocruiser.
(This photo, courtesy of the Spanish Air Force Museum).

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