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2.11)- Get a low-profile, small model with no rough edges, if possible. A streamlined model will resist more bad treatment, and will prove very useful in confined spaces. If you plan to take aerial pictures, for example, while flying on a small Piper Cub, Cessna 150 or similar aircraft, with scant space to manoeuver and move around, a small camera will help you acquire your scenes more rapidly and with less hassle, and considering that such vehicles keep moving all along, target-acquisition speed could be an important factor.

2.12)- Consider getting additional accessories such as PCMCIA cards in order to download your files from your camera to your personal computer. This part of the whole process may seem superfluous, but after you have taken 450 pictures, and if you do not have some efficient means of managing your pictures, renaming them, etc. you will waste a lot of time on quite boring chores.

2.13)- Also, thing about some good binoculars or a scope in order not to use your camera to acquire your targets or peek around, in order to save battery.

Inside a stone cabin at Los Rizos Lake, Patagonia.
This picture was taken in the middle of a
blizzard; the temperature inside the cabin was around
1 Celsius; outside it was near -20 C.

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