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Your Outdoor Photography Gear (III).

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Now, regarding your photo equipment, the kind of things that you may acquire depends largely on your budget. Based on the experiences that we have had using digital equipment I would suggest you the following:

2.1)- In my opinion, your first choice for a camera should be a digital video unit with photographic capability. That means a small digital video camera that is also able to take pictures. These are far more flexible than conventional cameras and have larger memory cards, something that is important if you plan to take a lot of images.

2.2)- You should also purchase a significant number of batteries, whether these are standard (AA or AAA) or special products. If they are rechargeable, better because you will end spending less in the long run, although rechargeable batteries are more expensive that expendable ones.

In cold weather areas batteries run out of energy up to about ten times faster that at average, prescribed use, which is at about 20 Celsius.

Picturing while taking off from El Bolsón Airport.
Small digital cameras work fine in dark, confined
spaces such as on this aeroplane while taking off
and moving at about 100 knots (200 km/h).

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