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Your Vehicle Survival Gear (V).

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Indeed, your vehicle may get destroyed along with everything contained in it, but taking a survival kit with you, while it still cannot guarantee your absolute safety, increases the odds in your favour. Moreover, you can do a lot to prevent the loss of your survival equipment:

1)- Store it always in the same place so that you will always know where it is, check it often and always before departure.

2)- Place where you will still have access to it in the event of an accident. If you put it in your back seat and your car turns over or the roof gets crushed, it is likely that you will not be able to grasp it. If you put it in your aircraft's cargo bay and the whole thing starts burning, how do you expect to open the hatch to get it?

3)- Take at least some components of your survival gear with you all the time. Survival, fishing and combat vests are very good for this because they are comfortable yet allow you to take some belongings with you, literally. There are may merchants where you can shop for them, even online.

But as a final recommendation, just think that no piece of gear or equipment is better to what you carry between your shoulders; that is, your mind. Don't overtrust your gear, don't think that high technology will always save you, and act prudently with your vehicle because if you don't the odds against you may begin to rise.

Planeador Lilienthal.
No matter how advanced or modern your preferred transportation
is, never forget that it might malfunction.
(Thanks to The Spanish Air Force Museum for this picture!).

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