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Your Vehicle Survival Gear (IV).

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The first factor that you will have to consider is that of the regulations applicable in your country, but you can do a lot more than just taking a life vest, some sort of first-aid kit or a flashlight.

For example, if you are a truck driver crossing a very dry area or an explorer driving across the Kalahari, you may find prudent to provide yourself with good rations of water and some sort of desert survival equipment. Just imagine what would happen to you if your vehicle breaks down in that middle of nowhere.

If you are a sailboat crew member, besides your life vest, flares and mandatory inflatable rafts, you could tale along some more food, water and other things that may come useful in the event of a sinking.

Small aircraft pilots tend somewhat to feel like they are driving a car instead of flying an aeroplane or helicopter because the cockpit of those gives you the feeling that you are in some sort of car with wings - anybody who has flown in a tiny Piper or Cessna should know what I mean -, and this could easily turn into a false sense of safety while reality indicates that flyers may find themselves at very isolated spots in the event of forced landings or crashes

Thus, taking some survival gear with you if you are a pilot or crew member, makes a lot of sense even if you plan to fly just ten minutes.

The Extra - Andine Patagonian landscape in Neuquén, Argentina.
Whenever you travel thorough arid terrain such as this one
don't forget to carry provisions, your emergency gear,
and tell others about your itinerary.

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