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Your Vehicle Survival Gear (III).

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The terrorist attacks on New York on Sept 9, 2001 should remind us about the demonstrated vulnerability of skyscrapers and high structures.

These are virtual death traps, and not only in the event of a bomb explosion. Big fires and earthquakes - just to mention a couple of scenarios - could cause tremendous evacuation problems. Just think what would happen in the higher floors of such a building if a solid fire starts at the bottom.

If you are 200 metres above ground level and there is a fire below you, there are only two possibilities to get out: take a helicopter from the roof or use a parachute to drop; will they be realistic and viable options when the time comes?

A passenger can hardly influence the design of a vehicle; nevertheless, given that it is your personal safety at stake, without panicking or exaggerating the dangers involved you should prepare yourself by equipping your vehicle at least with a basic survival kit adequate to your environment.

a motorbike.
Even simple vehicles such as this motorbike should
carry at least a nominal survival gear.

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