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Your Vehicle Survival Gear (II).

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Thus, even if you find yourself in the most civilised of places, the presence of a greater number of people somewhat compensates some of the lesser dangers entailed by living in society as compared to the wilderness, and you end having - nevertheless - quite similar levels of danger in both environments, albeit the nature of those dangers may be different and therefore, you should not that being in urban areas releases you from the need to take care in what you do with your vehicle.

But there is another reason to think in terms of survival when talking about vehicles: no matter how advanced may be your country, how rich or powerful, how good your fire brigades and hospitals are, survivors would still have to get out of imminent danger after an accident, and rescue workers would still have to reach survivors in order to help them.

This may take some time, and when your are wounded, there is a fire, a landslide, a terrorist attack, etc. every single second counts and your survival gear may prove vital not only for you but others as well.

In this regard, we should also give some thoughts to the engineering and design characteristics of transport vehicles, buildings and structures in general because in the event of a catastrophe, people should be able to evacuate them promptly.

LV-HUH, a C-182 in Patagonia.
The Cessna C-182 LV-HUH belonging to El Bolsón's Air Club,
Rió Negro, Argentinean Patagonia.

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