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Your Vehicle Survival Gear (I).

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All vehicles should be equipped at least with some kind of basic emergency and survival kit in order to increase the safety of its occupants in the event of an accident that may occur both in the wilderness as well as in urban areas.

Even if the vehicle - be it a boat, an aircraft or a car - does not directly suffer any sort of inconvenient or malfunction, you may find yourself in a position where you just have to help others who may have experienced significant trouble. In other words, the possibility of confronting a survival situation is higher than the probable scenarios that may develop as a result of the safety of your vehicle and your capability as a driver, skipper or pilot.

For example: if you travel in an aircraft with a 99,99% reliability, the odds related to suffering an accident or serious problem would stay around 0,01%.

If in the same area as you are flying there is another aircraft exactly like yours, the probability - for you - of having to confront an accident - whether yours or not - are actually higher than the sum of the odds for each aircraft since in such an environment you would also have to count new scenarios such as collisions or accidents suffered by one aircraft but with intervention of the other one.

This effect is known as a synergy, and is a characteristic of all systems where the whole is really more than the sum of the parts that ostensibly form part of a given system.

Aerial photograpy taken from LV-HUH, Mount Aguja Sur, view pointing to the SW.
What would you do without a survival kit if
while flying over such a terrain you suffer an emergency?
Chubut, Argentinean Patagonia, over 6.000 feet.

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