P. Edronkin

Line And Argentina: Can Countries Behave Just Like Ordinary People? (II).

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And here is where I would like to tell you the next conclusion: never underestimate the power of self-delusion. People who love individuals like Line or countries like Argentina sometimes go too far and pamper them with indeed, the best of intentions but incorrect ways, believing that such a behaviour may be educational or constitute some kind of useful help.

You will certainly cause significant damage to a person or a country with which you adopt a relaxed policy of excessive tolerance. I don't mean that afterwards you should crush them, but that a balance should be kept from the beginning.

I tell you: if I ever have a daughter and in the event that she starts to behave like my former girlfriend, I would even brainwash her in order to modify that conduct.

I am filled with shortcomings and my personal history is one of mistakes from which I try to learn: I had the privilege - if that is the word to describe it - to witness two wars, a dictatorship, an economic depression, a hyperinflation, the works of the mob and a terrorist attack which did not kill me for a couple of minutes, aside from my own blunders.

I have shot at people and was shot at as well. Some tried to steal my things, others came to look for others to make them disappear just in front of my home, and somehow I ended being now a very wealthy individual and an explorer.

But the two things that really tested my patience are the evolution of Argentina and the way in which Line behaved. To witness in impotence such dexterity at the misuse of grey matter - a fact rarer than fossilised opal snails from Australia - is hard to describe.

Never let a brat run your house, and never let an ignorant run a country, for when they grow up they will hurt others and in the end, themselves. Don't be afraid of being strict; if you really love them, you will understand.

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