P. Edronkin

Line And Argentina: Can Countries Behave Just Like Ordinary People? (I).

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When I was still a teenager I had my first girlfriend. She was a beautiful Norwegian called Line, and I learned from that relationship quite a few things since I loved her very much, and still do somehow, albeit you really can't love or be a friend with people who are not even friendly with themselves.

I could go on thinking about this issue quite a while. However, the two most important lessons learned the hard way where that beauty is just skin deep, and that physical ugliness, like that of her friend Marianne doesn't guarantee a beautiful soul either.

I am one of those who have two passports: I am an Argentinean as well as European citizen, and in this condition - being able to see things from different perspectives - I can assert that taking into consideration all cultural differences, psychological and sociological patterns of conduct, Line is the human equivalent of Argentina.

I really can't think of one of these without thinking at the same time about the other, for despite bad luck and other problems, an awesome degree of folly is ripe in both cases. Seneca said once that fools are worse than evil individuals, for the last ones at least sometimes take a rest, and I couldn't concur more than I do with the old philosopher in whatever is related to Line or Argentina.

In both cases you can't really speak about evilness or bad intentions, but of the result of a long series of mistakes upon mistakes that survived and thrived until they became habits just because of pampering, self-denial, insecurity and some sort of inferiority complex. The people who were in charge of running the show at different stages and in both cases, failed miserably.

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