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Military-Style Outdoors (I).

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There is also fashion outdoors, but alas, convenience too. Military-style clothing may be an excellent choice for many outdoor activities and adventures, and albeit these garments are rarely fancier than many commercial models, they are also vastly cheaper and usually of a very high quality.

Whenever you consider purchasing military clothes or uniforms, you should be aware of a number of things:

1)- Consider these items as expendable. They may last for a very long time, like the BDU pants I am wearing right now, as I write this article on my notebook computer here in a freezing afternoon in Patagonia. The thing is that you should not pretend to treat and conserve them like a tailor-made suit. Military clothes are here to be punished!

2)- Buy a size larger than your own. That is, if you need a 'medium', buy a 'large'. In this way you would be able to wear your military clothes on top of other garments. At this very moment, since the temperature is around five degrees below zero, I am using the 'Onion clothing system' developed at The Gea Org which consists on a series of layers of different kinds of clothing.

Each one of these layers has a definite function, and military clothes - in this case, a U.S battle dress utility or BDU - is intended to protect from scratches and punctures the far more expensive Gore Tex (r) rain suit that Gea explorers usually wear immediately below.

If you buy your BDU or similar clothes matching your exact size, you might have trouble using them as a protective layer. Consider that winter clothing tends to be bulky, and if you plan to use your BDU during the summer or in a tropical area, oversize will not hurt you.

Pablo Edronkin and Luciano Marcer in a Valdivian forest, Patagonia.
Military clothes are excellent within a given context.

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